Permaculture Now!

To learn about the Permaculture Farm Incubator Project outside Portland, Oregon please visit Community By Design's new website:

Next Generation Permaculture

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Permaculture Now! website.

We hope you enjoy learning about our programs, projects and practices for building thriving and abundant communities. Our team works mostly in the Pacific Northwest, Central America, and Hawai'i, and we collaborate extensively with a dynamic network of permaculturalists throughout the world.

Our mission is to:

  • Teach and practice sustainable design
  • Promote intergenerational skill-sharing
  • Develop and showcase appropriate technologies
  • Support local economies and self-sufficiency initiatives
  • Create a network of permaculture plant nurseries
  • Eat delicious locally grown food with friends and neighbors
  • Consume less, share more, and have fun!

Here you'll find information about our design courses, workshops, ongoing design projects, plant nurseries, and more!

"Conscious permaculture design reweaves the web of fertile and sophisticated landscapes where humans, plants, animals, and our collective spirits belong and are welcome."

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