The Permaculture Now! Team

Permaculture Now! Founding Members

Jenny Pell, Douglas Bullock, and Chris Shanks are the core members behind Permaculture Now!. They organize and teach a variety of permaculture design courses in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Hawaii, and Poland.

Jenny Pell
Former tree planter, helicopter pilot, carpenter, and yurt builder, Jenny manages many of the Permaculture Now! projects. Based out of Seattle, WA Jenny works in Washington State, Central America, Hawaii, and Europe organizing design courses, recruiting students, managing business details, and fundraising for scholarships, curriculum development, and our nursery projects. Her slideshows and presentations inform, inspire, and motivate people to make changes that help move us towards a sustainable future.

Phone: (206) 949-0496 (USA)

Doug Bullock
Douglas and Maria Bullock Along with his brothers, Sam, Joe, and their extensive families the Bullock clan has designed and developed what has been described as the best example of Permaculture in North America. The family homestead on Orcas Island hosts an annual 3-week design course each summer, and accepts 10 - 15 qualified interns each year. Douglas has extensive experience in all aspects of permaculture design and installation, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of plants from around the world. Douglas is one of the most popular instructors internationally, and his courses are dynamic, thorough, hands-on, and always include many local guest teachers.

(Douglas in not often on computer - please email Jenny Pell with questions, or call him directly)
Phone: (360) 376-6601

Maria Bullock came from Poland to study permaculture in Hawaii in 1999, and ever since has been living and working on the Bullock homestead, raising amazing permaculture kids Kajetan and Naya, traveling all around the world helping with courses, and is a vegan chef extraordinaire.

Chris Shanks
A multi-talented teacher, organizer, permaculture enthusiast, and design visionary, Chris seeks out and studies with the best instructors world-wide to expand his skills and knowledge in design, natural building, plant propagating, seed collecting, grafting, highland tropical agriculture, soil microbiology, mycology and mycorrhizal symbiosis, agroforestry, masonry, and more. Chris works in The Bahamas, Central America, Hawaii, The Pacific NW, and has studied in Australia, Spain, Vermont, and more!


Sam Bullock
Sam Bullock Always interested in the natural world (frogs, snakes, turtles, salamanders, etc.), our transition to growing plants as teenagers in the 70's led directly to growing food plants and to the awareness of a wholistic, spiritual, sacred and natural world which we are all a part of. Years of doing "as much as possible, in so little time" has forced me to "dragnet the great ocean of knowledge" in search of the clues that give meaning to the "mystery that we call life", and to realize that all I really want is a little shack amidst a food forest, adjacent to a good surf break.

Phone: 360-376-2773

Toby Hemenway is the author of the first major book on permaculture for North America, Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, and associate editor of Permaculture Activist, a journal of ecological design and sustainable culture. His writing has appeared in magazines such as Whole Earth Review, Natural Home, and Fine Gardening. He consults on many aspects of ecological design, and teaches permaculture throughout the country, and The Bahamas. A former geneticist, Toby lives with his wife in an evolving permaculture neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.


Reed Aubin
Linguist, teacher, and performer, Reed has lived and worked extensively in various Latin American countries. Since joining the Permaculture Now! team 3 years ago, Reed is our head interpreter and translator, and travels extensively teaching and presenting at colleges, schools and community centers. Recent projects include providing organizational support for Central American organic agriculture legislation, creating an online language and sustainable design resource compendium, and building several cob structures. He holds his B.A. in Anthropological Linguistics from Brown University, where he also studied theatre and performance. Reed has worked as an historian, Alaskan fisherman, puppeteer, carpenter, and permaculture designer. He almost always carries a harmonica or two.

Phone: 360-774-6237

Reed's recently published book, the Field Glossary, is a 2500+ entry Spanish-English, English-Spanish pocket dictionary of key terms for ecological agriculture and hands-on sustainable development, including an extensive Spanish-English-Latin plant list. For more information on the Field Glossary, or to order a copy, see the Field Glossary website.

Lonnie Gamble
Lonnie Gamble is the owner of Surya Nagar Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii, co-founder of Abundance Ecovillage in Fairfield Iowa, the former president of Hydroelectric Power Development Co., specializing in wind, solar, thermal, and biomass energy systems. Lonnie co-teaches with Douglas in Hawaii and Orcas Island, and divides his time between his strawbale permaculture homestead in Iowa and his tropical Permaculture homestead in Hawaii.

Phone: (641) 469-5240

Michael Becker
Michael teaches sixth grade in Hood River, Oregon. He directs the Permaculture Classroom Project, a hands-on approach to teaching math and science using Permaculture and sustainability science concepts. With his students, they have developed extensive habitat gardens and food systems on the schoolyard. Partnered with the Gorge Grown Food Network, a local organization seeking independent local food systems in the Columbia River Gorge, a farmers market has been developed at the school further involving students into the economics of food production. Having worked in construction, been a mountaineering guide, taught outdoor school, and traveled the world, Michael uses all his past experiences to blend into a well rounded "Permaculturist".

Scott Godfredson - Senior Landscape Architect
Scott chose Landscape Architecture and Permaculture Design as a profession because of its ability to artistically and creatively work with the environment at all levels. His focused education on sustainable design led him to work with established firms both in Australia and abroad before founding Exos. His expertises are in combining permaculture ethics with architectural design principals. He has lectured internationally, and managed projects at all levels of design from children's playgrounds, community gardens, highway projects to ecotourism resorts and residential / commercial developments. Scott is co-founder of Exos Design Inc., an international environmental design group.

An experienced outdoor educator, Dave got hooked on permaculture several years ago and has since become an enthusiastic instructor and designer. Along with Doug Bullock and Scott Godfredson, Dave also contributes his time and energy to Exos Design, an international permaculture landscape design company. His special interests include agroforestry, education, and developing permaculture strategies for the tropics and the Midwest. Dave has worked with Permaculture Now! Team members in Hawaii and Central America, and is currently interning on the Bullock Homestead in the Pacific Northwest.

Dave Boehnlein serves as the principal for Terra Phoenix Design. He received his B.S. in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies from the University of Minnesota. Dave is also the education director at the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead on Orcas Island where he has lived for over five years.

With varied backgrounds such as organizational leadership, internship/apprenticeship program design, and trail work Dave brings a unique set of skills to the Terra Phoenix team. In the rain forests of Central America Dave learned about permaculture and tropical agroforestry systems. From there he went on to learn a wide variety of design and implementation skills with the Bullocks.

While fine tuning his permaculture lenses Dave has also organized and taught at over a dozen permaculture courses & workshops. Dave is particularly interested in education, the mainstreaming of sustainability, and keeping things organized.

Jamie Mulligan-Smith is a seasoned performance artist (dancer, poet, actress), peace activist, and credentialed elementary school teacher who left her classroom in the public schools of San Francisco in order to more fully synthesize her work with young people and her lifelong dedication to eco-justice. Jamie has worked as an outdoor educator at the farm-based California non-profit, Slide Ranch, and briefly offered her skills as a garden instructor for first graders at the Kona Pacific Waldorf School. She currently stewards a small group of early elementary-aged homeschool students in the San Juan Islands and is the organizational force behind the newly-birthed three-week "Youth Permaculture Camp" on the Bullock Homestead. Jamie has volunteered, studied, and given instruction in permaculture at sites in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Orcas (Pacific NW), Hawaii, and Nova Scotia. She brings vision, artistry, and a contagious committment to the reclamation of planetary health to her work with children. Jamie joins the Permaculture Now! Team with enthusiasm and looks forward to the increased inclusion of young people in future permaculture workshops.

Phone: (415) 298-0915

Nala Walla is a transdisciplinary artist, teacher and performer who emphasizes the central role that the participatory arts must play in healing fractured ecologies and communities. Her BODYECOLOGY and BODYVERSITY workshops synthesize body-based art forms with principles of deep ecology in order to move beyond the rational and facilitate a wholistic, wholebody understanding of permaculture. Nala bridges ecologic and artistic sensibilities through the BCOLLECTIVE, based on her off-the-grid homestead on Marrowstone Island, Washington.

Read Nala's article titled "Zone Zero: Where Permaculture Meets the Arts" published in the Winter 2006 issue of Permaculture Activist Magazine.

Phone: (360) 643-3747

Marisha Auerbach has been practicing, studying, and teaching permaculture in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade. She is involved with many communities around Cascadia including Lost Valley, Tryon Life Community Farm, and City Repair. As an itinerant permaculture designer, she calls the greater Olympia area home, notably Wild Thyme Farm, a 150 acre permaculture demonstration farm and FSC certified forest in the northern Willapa Hills.

Marisha encourages sustainable futures through her permaculture design work and consulting: polyculture gardening, seed saving, flower and gem essences, local economics, ethnobotany, herbalism, edible landscape design, organic gardening, creating perennial forage systems and building local community. Other projects include local community marketplaces in Olympia, Queen Bee Flower and Gem Essences, Herb'n Wisdom for permaculture consulting and herbal products, and Growing Greetings which produces plantable greeting cards. Marisha owns a small plant nursery specializing in edible flowers and other gourmet food items. Graduating from the Evergreen State College in 1998, Marisha focused on ethnobotany, ecological agriculture, and sustainability studies and continues to interact with students from the Evergreen State College by offering internships.

Phone: (360) 943-5262

Kelda Miller is a permaculture designer who gardens urban sites in Pierce County. She was trained at the Bullock Permaculture Homestead, co-originated the Seattle Permaculture Guild, and later went on to teach at Wise Earth Ecological Landtrust, Seattle Tilth, MetroParks Tacoma, and various Permaculture Design Courses. She has a passion for sharing simple garden techniques to create beautiful, abundant landscapes.

Phone: (253) 370-9946
Web: Divine Earth Gardening Project:

David Ray is a photojournalist, solar power systems expert and musician, applying his technical skills to green causes. He joins the Permaculture Now! team as our photojournalist and web designer. David works on permaculture and solar power systems in Hawaii, Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. He is also a performing musician in South American folk music, and teaches biomimicry of patterns of nature in music.