Permaculture Seattle!

Seattle Permaculture Network

There are many avenues to get connected to the Seattle Area Permaculture Network! Here is a sampling of links to get you started. Please drop me an email if you have a group you would like to add to our lists.

Seattle Permaculture Events and Groups

Seattle Permaculture Guild -

Seattle Permaculture Meetup Group -

Jocelyn’s Events –

Transition Towns –

Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS) –

Permaculture Forums –

Permaculture Homesteads and Farms

Bullock Brothers

Michael Pilarski -

Sahale Community -

Wild Thyme Farm -

Edible Plant Nurseries

Raintree Nursery –

Burnt Ridge Nursery –

One Green World –

Bullock’s Plant Nursery –

Permaculture Installations – licensed and bonded builders and landscapers

Cascadian Edible Landscapes

Michael Hunter -
(206) 783-1546

Large Earthworks

Albert Postema -

Seattle Tilth -

Garden Hotline –
(206) 633-0224